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SKWOOSH™ Dragon Boat AGP Gel Pad (DRM3204)

SKWOOSH™ Dragon Boat AGP Gel Pad (DRM3204)

  • $4995

The SKWOOSH™ Dragon Boat AGP Gel Pad is designed for competitive Dragon Boat paddlers. AGP Technology welds the Gel Packs where they are needed the most, directly under the weight bearing "sitz" bones, so serious racers can enjoy more comfortable and efficient paddling. The AGP Dragon Boat pad is approved by the IDBF*, weighs 200grams, is 1.5cm thick and delivers great comfort without changing your CG or torso height. The Dragon Boat gel pad has a non-skid bottom, is absolutely waterproof and so light weight it floats. It features a built-in elastic carry loop so you can attach SKWOOSH™ directly to your favorite paddle for convenient, easy transport. The SKWOOSH™ Dragon Boat AGP Gel Pad is made in the USA, is guaranteed for workmanship and performance and is certified for competition by the International Dragon Boat Federation.


Model# DRM3204
Weight: 200grams
Color: Black
Open Dimensions: 20cm L x 30cm W x 1.5cm H


Kayak Paddling Cushion Diagram


  • AGP - Advanced Gel Pack technology for greater comfort and efficiency.
  • Carry Loop - Attaches pad to paddle for convenient transport
  • Cushioning - TekPad® lightweight pressure relieving gel
  • Comfortable - Relieving pressure helps you row longer in comfort
  • Low Profile - Maintains torso distance and center of gravity
  • Integrated Non-Skid Bottom - No glue or tape needed
  • Lightweight - Waterproof - Floats
  • Fits All Seats
  • Durable Low Slip Cover Material
  • Maintenance Free - Functions in all temperatures
  • MADE IN USA - Guaranteed workmanship and performance
The International Dragon Boat Federation has officially approved the SKWOOSH™ Master Row and Dragon Boat Pads for use in competition.SKWOOSH™ pads deliver lightweight pressure relief where it is needed most - under the "sitz" bones. SKWOOSH&trade pressure-relieving technology makes competitive paddling and rowing more comfortable and more efficient. The pads are lightweight (200grams), are 1.5cm thick, waterproof and stay put without glue or tape and deliver great comfort.

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