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Fennix XT S

Fennix XT S

  • $3,35000

Fennix XT S

Beginner to Intermediate Ski

The Fennix XT S is the perfect ski for those that want to paddle at a slightly more advanced level whilst still retaining good balance. Like all the new Fennix boats the XT S has the response and feel of elite-level skis while offering a very stable platform for ocean paddling.

The original Fenn XT brought out over a decade ago is where many of today’s ocean paddlers started. This gave people the ability to get into ocean paddling, in what at the time, was a domain dominated by unstable surf skis. 

We think this is the perfect skis for those seeking ultimate surf ability, solid stability and good flatwater speed.

The Fennix XT S sits between the Fennix Blue-Fin S and Fennix Swordfish S range of skis and in terms of speed and stability.

Specifications & Pricing

Length:   5.81m
Width:   49cm
Seat Width:  40.5cm

Construction                                                       Weight Price
Vac Glass – vacuum bagged fibreglass 14kg $3,350
Hybrid – vacuum bagged fibreglass/carbon 12.5kg $4,150
Carbon – vacuum bagged carbon 11kg $5,050






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