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Nordic Kayaks - K1 41 and K1 43

  • $5,79500

K1 41 & K1 43- fast racing kayaks with hull shapes developed from our surf skis based on optimal hydrodynamics which together with our extremely light carbon fiber construction provides very easyle driven kayaks regardless of whether you choose 43 or 41 cm width. Of course, there is a little more top speed to pick out in K1 41 which aims to the elite marathon paddler while K1 43 is intended for an experienced exercise paddler. Both models are considered as stable for their width.

The seat is designed to provide a good support around the entire seat cup, this ensures you to sit more comfortably for a longer period of time compared with a typical K1 seat. The back end of the seat has a swept back design and enables good rotation and leg work. The seats are available in 2 heights depending on what you prefer. The footrest comes with pedals and a large base plate, together with our adjustable foot strap it gives the paddler a solid and stable footrest with a quick steering response.

K1 41

Length: 520 cm
Width: 41 cm
Cockpit length: 90 cm
Steering: footplate with pedals
Rec paddler weight: 55 kg>
Stability factor: 1



K1 43

Length: 520 cm
Width: 43 cm
Cockpit length: 90 cm
Steering: fotplate with pedals
Rec paddler weight: 55 kg>
Stability factor: 3

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