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Nordic Kayaks Medium Flex Wing Paddle

  • $55000

Stable, smooth and powerful the Nordic Club-line wing paddle is meticulously crafted, featuring compression moulded full carbon, foam and epoxy, with reinforced solid carbon edges. The result is a paddle that is both lightweight, tipping the scales at approximately 700 g, and exceptionally durable.

Boasting a clean, efficient catch the wing blade ensures an early burst of power and stable control. In the pull phase the Nordic paddle flies through the water without any surprises or twists maintaining a perfectly balanced stroke allowing your hand to remain relaxed for an effortless exit.

This versatile paddle is ideal for any type of paddling requiring an efficient, agile forward stroke in ocean or flat water. It comes standard with a medium-soft round shaft featuring a slightly patterned surface to prevent slipping. Additionally, its adjustable range of 10 cm, utilising a proven plastic joiner, allows you to easily adjust it to your preferred length.


690 cm2 or 720 cm2

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