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Nordic Kayaks - Nitro 600

  • $5,09500


Nitro is a top elite Surf Ski developed for the elite paddlers seeking maximum speed! On flat this boat is as fast as a K1 racer but its on the ocean this Surf Ski excels- excellent surfing characteristics in downwind with an extraordinary ability to link and climb waves. The combination of how the volume is distributed, how the cockpit is positioned and the distance to the rudder gives this ski an precise steering control even when running down a braking wave, allowing the paddler to navigate with quick response. With NK's latest cockpit with low bump, swept back backrest, bottle holder between your legs and a very comfy seat developed from many years of feedback. The cutouts on the sides are designed to give a perfectly tight paddle catch. 

(Nitro 600 Vs Nitro 640) Why two lengths? We want to be sure that we can provide you with the best Surf Ski for the type of paddling you are doing. Generally, if you are a lighter person you can benefit of a shorter hull and vice versa if you are a bigger person you can benefit of the longer hull. But this also comes down to your own preferences and what characteristics you like.

Length: 600 cm
Beam: 44 cm
Cockpit length: 155-195 cm
Recommended paddler weight: 50 kg >
Stability factor: 

CarbonX: Weight max 8.5 kg, Price: $6,595
CarbonLite: Weight max 9.5kg, Price: $6,095
Carbon Composite: Weight max 12.5-13.5 kg, Price: $5,095

Nitro 600 is fitted with:

  • The new foot-controled deBrito bailer, the most efficienton the market
  • Carbon fiber footrest with NK foot strap, selfadjusting lines, quick length adjustment
  • Anchor point for leash placed on the foot strap
  • Packing net on aft deck
  • Bike bottle holder with NK sport bottle in cockpit
  • NK/deBrito rudder control wheel for optimal steering control
  • Race rudder

Due to fluctuating stock levels you will be contacted as soon as your order is placed, to be informed of delivery date OR feel free to call us to check availability (or next shipment container delivery date). 02 9970 7081 

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