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PaddleSmart Safety Sock

PaddleSmart Safety Sock

  • $2995

Protect Your Craft from Accidental Damage!
Avoid Traffic Fines!
Be Seen - Be Safe!

Did you know that fines of up $200 can be imposed for not having a proper flag on the tail of your craft when it’s being transported on your car or trailer?

The PaddleSmart Safety Sock is a “projecting load” flag designed to make the tail of your craft highly visible at all times during road transport.

This patented design fits most Skis, Racing Kayaks and Outrigger Canoes and incorporates Hi-Vis Fluorescent micro-fibre material, as well as a retro-reflective safety band and four red reflectors for maximum visibility, day or night!

Unlike most products of this type currently available, the Safety Sock’s unique design meets with transport regulations in most jurisdictions.

Protect yourself and your valued craft with the PaddleSmart Safety Sock!

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