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Barracuda Rasdex Combination Spraydeck - Neoprene base, Nylon top

  • $19500

Fits Barracuda Kayaks

Loose fitting Lightweight Nylon bodytube on a Neoprene Deck Base. 

Sea or lake kayaking, touring, multisport, or where many sizes of paddler need to be catered for.

  • High density 3.5mm diamond weave neoprene for durability on the spraydeck base.
  • Waterproof, lightweight and breathable Nylon bodytube. Loose fitting.
  • Adjustable shoulder braces.
  • All seams hot-tape sealed.
  • Body tube can be rolled down when conditions permit.
  • Drawcord top for comfort and the ultimate in flexibility – allows plenty of body rotation.
  • Neoprene spraydeck base has the same specs as our standard spraydeck.

 Standard size 120cm (Small - XL waist)

With the option of a Deck Pocket attached to the front of the spraydeck. 

** PLEASE NOTE ** These Spraydecks are branded with "Barracuda" which is not pictured in the photo supplied. 

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