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SKWOOSH™ ANGLER II Paddling Cushion (A3104)

SKWOOSH™ ANGLER II Paddling Cushion (A3104)

  • $5495

Find your spot, anchor, or drift, the SKWOOSH™ ANGLER II Gel Fishing Seat keeps you comfortable for hours. The lightweight ANGLER II uses patented TekPad® technology to reduce numbness in your legs and rear, so you can fish all day. Loaded with features, Angler II has a high visibility color to attract attention on the water. It secures to your boat with a 1m. tether (included) and has a built-in grommet for easy gear attachment. Fish longer in comfort with SKWOOSH Angler II.


Model# A3104
Weight: 370grams
Color: High Visibility Yellow
Open Dimensions: 33cm L x 40cm W x 2.2cmH
Folded Dimensions: 33cm L x 20cm W x 5cm H
Includes 1m. Skwoosh™ Tether


Kayak Xtreme Cushion Diagram


  • Cushioning - Patented TekPad® lightweight pressure relieving fluidized gel
  • Comfortable - Relieving pressure lets you FISH longer
  • Low Profile - Maintains center of gravity for better stability
  • Maintenance Free - No washing - function in all temperatures
  • Portable - Lightweight, compact with with grommet for easy gear attaching
  • Waterproof - It floats - never soggy, won't mold
  • Non-Skid Bottom - Stays put - not glue or tape needed
  • Durable - Low Friction Cover Material - NO rubbing - more comfort
  • High Visibility Yellow - Easy to spot on the water
  • All Weather Gel - Stays soft in all temperatures
  • MADE IN USA - Guaranteed workmanship and performance.

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