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SKWOOSH™ Dragon Boat Gel Pad (DR3204)

SKWOOSH™ Dragon Boat Gel Pad (DR3204)

  • $4995

The SKWOOSH™ Dragon Boat Gel Pad delivers lightweight pressure relief where you need it most - right under your weight bearing "sitz" bones. SKWOOSH™ uses medically proven pressure relieving gel technology to make competitive paddling more comfortable and more efficient. SKWOOSH™ weighs 7 oz., is ½" thick and delivers great comfort without changing your CG or torso height and features a built-in carry loop so you can attach your SKWOOSH™ directly to your favorite paddle for convenient, easy transport. The SKWOOSH™ Dragon Boat Gel Pad is made in the USA, is guaranteed for workmanship and performance and is certified for competition by the International Dragon Boat Federation.


Model# DR3204
Weight: 7 oz.
Colors: Available in Black, Pink, Royal Blue and Red
Open Dimensions: 8"L x 12"W x ½"H


Dragon Boat Diagram


  • Cushioning - TekPad® lightweight pressure relieving gel
  • Carry Loop - Attaches pad to paddle for convenient transport
  • Comfortable - Relieving pressure helps you row longer in comfort
  • Low Profile - Maintains torso distance and center of gravity
  • Integrated Non-Skid Bottom - No glue or tape needed
  • Lightweight - Waterproof - Floats
  • Fits All Seats
  • Durable Low Slip Cover Material
  • Maintenance Free - Functions in all temperatures
  • MADE IN USA - Guaranteed workmanship and performance
The International Dragon Boat Federation has officially approved the SKWOOSH™ Master Row and Dragon Boat Pads for use in competition.SKWOOSH™ pads deliver lightweight pressure relief where it is needed most - under the "sitz" bones. SKWOOSH&trade pressure-relieving technology makes competitive paddling and rowing more comfortable and more efficient. The pads are lightweight (7oz), are ½" thick, waterproof and stay put without glue or tape and deliver great comfort.

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