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SKWOOSH Fishing Seat Gel Pad (FSP0216)

SKWOOSH Fishing Seat Gel Pad (FSP0216)

  • $7995

Upgrade your seating by adding pressure relieving comfort, tailbone relief and universal fit to your kayak fishing chair. The SKWOOSH™ Kayak Fishing Seat Gel Pad fits most frames and allows for any height or back tilt adjustments. This fishing chair pad comes with an attached elastic safety cord that slips around the back uprights so it remains in your boat whether you're standing to reel in that big catch or spotting fish. The pad installs quickly and easily, no tools required, and can be left on the frame if the seat is folded. The SKWOOSH™ Fishing Seat Gel Pad is waterproof, needs no maintenance and is MADE IN USA.

Your new pad comes with an elastic cord and a plastic barrel adjusting clip. Simply run the elastic cord around the base of the seat back, insert both ends of the cord into the barrel clip and pull both ends to tighten. Cut excess safety cord so that at least 1½" extends beyond the clip and melt the cord ends with a flame. Be careful not to damage the gel pad or your seat.

Weight: 13 oz.
Color: High Visibility Yellow
Seat Bottom Dimensions: 16”W x 13”L x 7/8”H
Back Flap Dimensions: 12”W x 2.5”H

• Cushioning - Pressure relieving fluidized gel cradles the "sitz" bones
• Comfortable - Relieves tailbone pressure - FISH longer
• Low Profile - Maintains center of gravity for better stability
• Portable - Lightweight, compact, folds for storage
• Waterproof - It floats - never soggy, won't mold
• Durable - Low Friction Cover - NO rubbing - more comfort
• High Visibility Yellow - Easy to spot on the water
• No Maintenance - Washable - function in all temperatures
• MADE IN USA - Guaranteed workmanship and performance

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