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SKWOOSH™ Master AGP Row Pad (M3204)

  • $5495

The SKWOOSH™ Master AGP Row Pad is an advanced pressure-relieving gel row pad that is designed specifically for serious rowers. AGP Technology enables the TekPad® Gel Packs to be welded directly under the ischial tuberosity, aka "sitz" bones located at the lowest part of the pelvis, which bears the weight of the body when sitting. Using a Master AGP Row Pad helps maintain circulation and prevent numbness and discomfort in the legs and lower back, regardless of the amount of time spent rowing. This lightweight, low profile cushion fits a standard row seat and is waterproof.


Model# M3204
Weight: 200grams
Colors: Available in Black or Pink
Open Dimensions: 20cm L x 30cm W x 1.5cm H


Kayak Paddling Cushion Diagram


  • Cushioning - TekPad® lightweight pressure relieving gel
  • Comfortable - Relieving pressure helps you row longer in comfort
  • Low Profile - Maintains torso distance and center of gravity
  • Integrated Non-Skid Bottom - No glue or tape needed
  • Lightweight - Waterproof - Floats
  • Fits Standard Row Seat - Exactly
  • Durable Low Slip Cover Material
  • Maintenance Free - Functions in all temperatures
  • MADE IN USA - Guaranteed workmanship and performance

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