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SKWOOSH Motorcycle Classic Saddle - Long (CSL0917)

SKWOOSH Motorcycle Classic Saddle - Long (CSL0917)

  • $11995

The CLASSIC SADDLE gel pad with AirFlo breathable mesh adds comfort without changing seat ergonomics. Its low profile won’t change the distance to the foot pegs and lower controls. This specially shaped gel pad reduces pressure, has tailbone relief, and enhances the comfort for all stock and reduced reach seats.

• Weight: 10 oz.
• Dimensions: 15”W x 13.5”L x 1”H

Benefits and Features
• Shape and thickness designed for stock and reduced reach seats
• Pad won’t change distance to pegs and lower controls
• Maintains ergonomic design of any seat
• Breathable AirFlo mesh fabric for a cooler ride
• Air channel design directs airflow where it’s needed most
• Lightweight memory gel relieves pressure on “sitz” bones
• Cutaway tailbone relief
• Folds for easy storage
• Attaching options: elastic front strap or elastic Snap Strap (included)
• Guaranteed workmanship and materials

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