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Stretchies Kayak Cover

  • $10500

Surf Aids manufacture their own stretch cover material from high grade nylon and bulked acrylic yarns on their 3 circular knitting machines over in Byron Bay. The white Nylon backing with its cross-weave knit gives the material it's stretch, while the inter-woven acrylic "terry-toweling" bulk gives a UV stable and low water absorption outer surface.

Available in a variety of colours. As we always have different colours in stock we will send you the one we have in stock. Please contact us for a specific colour or to know our options. Thank you.

02 99707091


TK1: $105
K1: $105
Epic V8: 
Epic V10Sport: $115 
Epic V10:  $115
Fenn Swordfish: 
Fenn Elite: 
Fenn Bluefin: 


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