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Surflogic Aluminium Bag For Secure Storage of Car Keys With Remote Keyless Entry

  • $995

Surflogic Aluminium Car Key Bag - The best way to conceal your smart car key with remote keyless entry technology.

Blocks remote entry smart car key FOB signals

Designed to keep your smart car key safe inside Surflogic Key Security Lock Boxes

For those of you with keyless entry cars, the Surflogic Aluminium Bag for Secure Storage of Car Keys is a must. Designed to block remote keyless entry signals and to be used in conjunction with Surflogic Car Key Lock Boxes, the Aluminium Bag allows you to leave your car locked and secured when you want to hop in the water.

To use the Aluminium Bag, simply wrap your remote keyless entry car key in the bag and place it inside your Surflogic padlock lock box.

 *Lock box not included. Must be purchased separately

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