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Tripper Spraycover - StottStyle Zippy

Tripper Spraycover - StottStyle Zippy

  • $15000

This spraycover is recommended for marathon style racing on flat water only.   The cover is made of waterproof fabric and features a zip down the centre of the cover for easy exit and entrance without removing the spraycover from the cockpit of the boat.    The zip is a high quality nylon zip which will not corrode even when used in salt water.   Note:   The zip is not waterproof.   The zip is complemented at the bodice end by velcro strips on the skirt which have the function of keeping the bodice tops away from the cockpit when entering the boat thus helping to prevent inadvertently sitting on the bodice.

A further feature is a neoprene gasket seal which is sewn between the skirt and the bodice in order to waterproof the stitch line in this critical area.

*colour may vary from picture

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