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Washrider Weed Deflector

  • $1795

The Wash Rider Weed Deflector helps to keep your surfski or K1 rudder clean of weed that would slow you down. This small but essential piece of equipment will avoid that dragging feeling of having to pull a small marine environment on your rudder.

The Weed Deflector will slide away weed or algae that would normally catch your rudder especially thanks to the small front lip in the design to ensure a flat finish when stuck onto your hull. This allow the Weed Deflector to have no front facing edges that could catch weed.

Easy installation with the best 3M VHB tape to stick strongly onto your surfski or kayak. To bond best leave to set for 72hrs when initially stuck on. This tape can be easily removed using a box cutting knife without leaving marks on your gelcoat. Or for those looking for a permanent solution you can epoxy/glue it on as well.

Keep paddling fast with your rudder weed and debris free by using a Wash Rider Weed Deflector.

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