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Washrider - Y Rack V3 Cradles and Cross Bar

  • $39500

The Y racks v3 are made to be an easier, faster and more supportive set of cradles for your kayak or surf ski. These roof racks are better for your craft with greater support, more secure fit and padding. No more cam straps are needed with built-in auto retract stainless steel ratchets. 

This latest version (v3) cradles are now set at a wider Y cradle angle to comfortably fit craft from your Nelo K1's to a flat wide hull of an Epic V8. The cradle padding is covered by UV resistant plastic to let your kayak slide better dry or wet across the racks when loading from the back.

  • Black foam covers to allow kayaks or surfskis that are wet, dry or in covers to easily be slid onto the racks from the rear of your vehicle
  • Marine carpet to avoid scratching of narrow kayaks as they slide on the centre of the cradles
  • Wider angle to fit kayaks from K1's to sea kayaks or recreational craft
  • Marine coating to prolong the racks for the salty paddlers out there

Length 1.76m

Weight 10Kg 

W=80mm H=30mm Thule/Rhino/Yakima aero bars
(for other non-standard shaped bars, please contact us directly 99707081)

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